The Classic / $8
         Our Classic Burger or Chicken Sandwhich

      The Classic w/ Bacon / $9
         Our Classic Burger or Chicken Sandwich with bacon

      Damn Hot! / $9
         Grilled Fresh jalapeños and onions sautéed in Cholula hot sauce with mixed

      The Bleu / $9
         Bleu cheese crumbles, sautéed mushrooms, and grilled onions

      The Green Chile / $9
         Green chiles, grilled onions, and mixed cheeses

      The Western / $9
         Spicy BBQ Sauce, crispy onion strings, and pepper jack cheese served on Texas

      The 50/50 / $9
         A 1/2 lb patty made of 50% ground bacon and 50% ground beef

      Tex-Mex Burger / $9
         Guacamole, jalapeño ranch, bacon and mixed cheese
      The Grasshopper / $9
         Cream cheese, grilled jalapeños and bacon

      BOM (Burger of the Month) / Ask

1/4 lb Deep Fried Hot Dogs, each Ripper served with a side of homemade relish
      The Ripper / $7
         Our Classic Ripper

      Green Chile Ripper / $8
         Green chiles, bacon, and mixed cheese

      Mushroom Ripper / $8
         Sautéed mushrooms and grilled onions and mixed cheese

      Chili Cheese Ripper / $8
         Homemade chili, grilled onions, and mixed cheese

      Corn Dog / $6
         A hand battered and fried ripper

KIDS - 12 and under
Served with fresh cut fries and a drink
      Cheese Burger / $5
      Ripper / $5
      Grilled Cheese / $5
      Corn Dog / $5
      Fried Chicken Strips (3) / $5
         Hand cut and battered

Cheddar Cheese                    Swiss Cheese
Monteray Jack Cheese         Pepper Jack Cheese
Bleu Cheese Crumbles          Cream Cheese
American Cheese                   Mixed Cheese

TOPPINGS / $.50 each
Green Chiles                        Grilled Fresh jalapeños
Sautéed Mushrooms          Peppered Bacon
Grilled Onion                       Homemade Chili
Homemade Relish              Crispy Onion Strings
Roasted Red Peppers        Peanut Butter
Guacamole                          Fritos®                        

      Fried Pickles / regular - $5 / big - $7
      Fried jalapeños / regular - $5 / big - $7
      Fried Mushrooms / regular - $5 / big - $7
      Fried Cheese / regular - $6 / big - $8
      Fried Onion Rings / regular - $5 / big - $7
      Fresh Cut Fries / regular - $2 / big - $4
      Cheese Fries / regular - $6 / big - $8
      Add Ons / regular - $.50 / big - $1
         Chili, Green Chiles, Bacon or Grilled Onions

      Bowl of Chili / $5
      Frito Pie / $6
      Monte Cristo / $9
         A ham and turkey sandwich with American and Swiss cheese, battered, deep
         fried, dusted with powdered sugar; served with a side of raspberry dressing

      Club Sandwich / $8
         A triple decker sandwich topped with ham, turkey, bacon, American and
         Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato

      BB Cheesesteak Sandwich / $9
         Thin sliced sirloin with grilled peppers and onions topped with your choice of

      Chicken Strips (4) / $7
         Hand cut and battered, deep fried.
         Sauce choices: Ranch, Jalapeño Ranch, BBQ, Honey Mustard

Homemade Salad Dressings: Ranch, House Vinaigrette, or Jalapeño Ranch, Honey Mustard
      Chef Salad / $6
         Lettuce, diced tomatoes, ham and turkey topped with mixed cheese

      Burger or Bird in a Bowl / $8
         Lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheese and onion topped with a burger or chicken

      Cobb Salad / $8
         Lettuce, grilled chicken, diced tomatoes, bacon bits, egg, and bleu cheese

      BOM Salad / Ask
         The salad version of the current BOM

      Fountain Floats / $4
      Hand-Spun Shakes / $5
         Customize your Milkshake – Starting with our vanilla based milkshake, you can
         add as many mix-ins as you like

         Bacon, Cherries, Oreo Cookies, Peanut Butter, Strawberries, Chocolate, Coffee,
         Salted Caramel

Our burgers are made from a 100% all natural/never frozen chuck and brisket blend of beef.  We use all natural chicken, all-beef hot dogs and the freshest produce.  Our potatoes are cut fresh daily.  No frozen pre-breaded or packages foods - all items are hand breaded and cooked to order. Everything on our menu is made from scratch daily at our restaurant.
614 South Polk Amarillo Texas 79101
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